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What is Zen Coaching?

Zen Coaching is a powerful approach to living, with a set of understanding and principles for how to support ourselves and others in coming home to our true nature, grow as human beings and to live and act from that recognition.



The starting point of Zen Coaching lies in our natural wish to be fully who we are, and to be genuine, authentic and sincere with ourselves and others. As a coaching approach it unites the focus on reaching outer goals – a key characteristic of traditional coaching – with a deeper inner focus than what is normally found within coaching.

The approach is built upon basic mindfulness principles, or conscious presence. It is also based on an exploration of limiting beliefs, and on our true inner resources. The main method is the practice of inquiry – an inner, focused exploration based on specific questions and a supporting listening practice.

The ‘goal’ of Zen Coaching is achievable right here, right now – simply by noticing, allowing and fully experience our experience in this moment. There is no need to wait, no need to seek fulfillment in the future. Fulfillment, ease and wisdom is the essence of whatever experience we are having right here, right now.


How is it used?

Zen Coaching is offered as individual coaching sessions, workshops, webinars, seminars and as a coaching method in the Zen Coaching Training. It is also a supportive inner approach and style of self-coaching that can be integrated as we live our daily lives.

The purpose of Zen Coaching

The main purpose is to support ourselves and others in recognizing our own nature as awareness, and all the essential qualities of awareness, such as freedom, love, strenght, creativity and spaciousness. Through this recognition we become less identified with mental positions and negative judgments of ourselves and others, and more free to live in strength, peace and positive contribution to ourselves and others.


The Zen Coaching Training

The Zen Coaching Training is a four module training. Each module is five days. The first module is an open workshop. After completing this module you decide if you want to continue on and complete the training. All modules are being offered here at Kärlingesund Retreat Center. The first module also takes place at Ängsbacka once a  year.


The themes of the four modules are:

  1. The Zen Way of Coaching
  2. Deep Healing and Transformation
  3. Relating from the Heart
  4. Acting from Being

You can also meet Zen Coaching in open workshops in Stockholm, Göteborg, Norway, Poland and South Africa. Information about these workshops you can find on:

Kåre Landfald is the founder of Zen Coaching and is the head teacher of the Zen Coaching Training. He has trained over 400 Zen Coaches from all over the world in the ten years that he has been offering the training. He also offers coaching, live or via skype and gives seminars, workshops and management coaching in the world of business.


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In this video Kåre introduces the Zen Coaching Training: