Ocean, islands and forests


Kärlingesund Retreat Center is situated on the furthest end of Bokenäset, north of Orust and in the middle of the province Bohuslän. You will find the red cliffs by the sea and the beautiful archipelago and this is also one of the leafiest parts of the coast of Bohuslän. Bokenäset has a rich and billowy cultural landscape with ancient monuments, beech and oak forests.




Kärlingesund Retreat Center is to be found in Kärlingesund Nature Sanctuary, surrounded by meadows, mighty oak- and beech groves and right next to the exciting water ways of Nordströmmarna (the North Streams)  – a paradise for kayakers. The nature sanctuary has a rich flora and bird life. Several great walking paths meander through the hilly landscape. Cows, calves and horses graze in the meadows around the retreat center and only nature´s own sounds break off the peaceful silence. A couple of hundred meters away, there is a spectacular look-out with startling views over the sea. One of the walking paths will take you through an amazingly beautiful beech ravine. Close to us there is also a stone jetty that you can go swimming from and it also harbors a few small boats.



In the sea outside of Kärlingesund is the islands of Flatö and Skaftö and in between them the small island Bassholmen with a rich bird life and beach meadows with grazing animals. Bassholmen has a museum for old peasant boats and a much visited waffle café. You can book to be picked up by boat from the jetty at Kärlingesund.

The bridge to Skaftö is a couple of kilometres north west of Kärlingesund. It can for instance be accessed by bike. The island has nice biking paths. In the summer there are several restaurants and cafés here. On this island you find some of the provinces´s quaintest fishing villages, Fiskebäckskil and Grundsund. These can also be reached by car or bus.




Fiskebäckskil has a big variety of upper class villas from the end of the 19th century with gingerbread work and adorned verandas in old style. I the outskirts of the little village you find the biggest beach, Bökevik, with jetty and cliffs, but there are also other beaches on the island. Summertime there are ferries from Fiskebäckskil till Lysekil. Between Fiskebäckskil and Grundsund you find Skaftö Golf Club with restaurant.




The houses in Grundsund are mainly that of small simple cottages and fishing shed so typical for small fishing villages. All closely gathered on the cliffs along the port canal Just outside, on the south west side of the island, you find Islandsberg with its unique stone landscape. An unusual nature experience definitely worth a visit.


Hällristning Tanumshede


Vitlycke Rock Carvings, Tanumshede

80 km north of Kärlingesund you find Tanumshede and the unique, ancient and extraordinary Vitlycke Rock Carings.

The rock carvings at Vitlycke are among the best known in Sweden, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. People began making the carvings here in the late Bronze Age, about 1800 B.C. Over the following centuries, people returned to create new carvings on this religious site, and the last carvings were made just before the birth of Christ.

Altogheter there are close to 500 figures on the panel. The most predominant are figures of ships, which were perhaps a symbol of the journey to the kingdom of death, or even a symbol of power- since the ships carried the imported bronze artifacts that gave status and prestige to the chieftans and their families.

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Pallaskatt Nordens Ark



Nordens Ark Zoo

Nordens Ark is situated 71 km north of Kärlingesund, It is an animal park primarily for endangered species.

It is divided into three sections – the Wildlife park, the Farm and the Ecopark. It’s free to go into the Ecopark, but you need to buy a ticket for the other two.

In the wildlife park you’ll find wild animals, including Amur tigers, snow leopards, Pallas cats, wolverines, lynxes, wolves and reindeer. There is also the Wetlands, with many birds, and the Wetlands House containing amphibians. A 3 km walking route winds through the Wildlife park.

A pedestrian tunnel links the Wildlife park to the Farm. At the Farm, you’ll find the Nordic native breeds. There’s also a chance to get nearer to the animals, and even pet them in high season.


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