I, Åsa Kullberg, is the owner of Kärlingesund Retreat Center.

I offer my own retreats and workshops, based on shamanic wisdom, yoga and much more here. Kåre Landfald also offers his workshops in Zen Coaching at the Center.  You can read more about Åsa´s on www.asakullberg.com. and about Kåre´s on www.zen-coaching.com.

We are also happy to rent out Kärlingesund to different events and courses organised by external teachers. Welcome to contact us for a quote.

Karlingesund Retreat Center is a beautiful place embedded in the lush and green Bohuslän, a couple of hundred steps from the ocean. With a design and atmosphere that touch most of our guests Kärlingesund is a place for meetings, creativity, movement, conversations and personal growth, for recovery, stillness, silence and new inspiration. It is situated in the middle of Kärlingesund Nature Sanctuary that is famous for its pastures, typical knobs of rock, the beautiful oak and beech forests and the closeness to the squiggly waterways of the Nordströmmarna (Northern Streams).

We  have 38 beds divided on 15 rooms. In our big workshop room, up to 100 people can be seated at the same time.

We mostly serve organically grown vegetables and produce.


“No one expected me. Everything awaited me”
Patti Smith

“And then you have to have time to just sit there and look in front of you.”
“Och då måste du ha tid att bara sitta där och titta framför dig.”
Astrid Lindgren

The spirit goes on….
Hello dear friends of Kärlingesund Gård.

We are Andrea and Sibylle from Switzerland and are the new caretakers of
Kärlingesund Retreat Center starting February 1 2021. We have come from the Swiss mountains to live in the beauty of this nature reserve by the sea. Not only to start a new life and committment, but to continue the vision of Åsa and Kåre, which they have created and made visible here in Kärlingesund Gård over the past few years. With the personal support of Åsa and Ingela, now and during 2021, we can guarantee you a mindful and creative year of transition and we are very happy to host Åsa´s and Kåre´s workhsops as usual. Kärlingesund Retreat Center will remain your favourite course venue, in the way that you have always known and loved.

We want Kärlingesund Gård to become an open place and home for exchanging ancient and present knowledge and experience. A place so deeply protected and nourished by its powerful nature will be the soil for physical and mental growth, and at the same time make a sustainable and responsible contribution to our world´s society.

Kärlingesund Retreat Center welcomes teachers and students for new courses in the area of personal development, spirituality and art. If you know teachers who you would recommend Kärlingesund as being their perfect location, please let them know, as word of mouth has always been the best way of making sure the right people come together. For those in need of, or wish for, any personal or professional timeout, we will be there to assist you personally so that  we can together create the appropriate setting.

If you have something to share or have any specific wishes, then please contact us directly by email at contact.karlingesundretreat@gmail.com. Our new website www.karlingesundretreatcenter.se is currently in the making, and soon you will be able to subscribe to our newsletter via mail or social media. The current website  will still be your first contact address for any information until further notice.

So dear friends of Kärlingesund Gård, please spread the word to your community, leaders and friends.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you here next year and sharing this beautiful and inspiring place with you.

Warm wishes
Vänliga Hälsningar
your new hosts
Andrea & Sibylle


In harmony with nature


Kärlingesund Retreat Center is created in harmony with nature, i e great consideration has been put into adapting materials and design to a modern focus on sustainability and recycling. Swedish wood has been treated with paints that are free of solvents, homemade emulsion paints, egg oil tempera and distemper. Floors and other surfaces that need to stand for wear and tear have been treated with Chinese wood oil